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Chrysler Big Block M383, M400, M440 1975 and up

This fresh water cooling system, manufactured for us by SeaKamp, will convert a currently functioning Chrysler 383, 400, or 440 CID,  carbureted,  1975 and later model (all models with a single impeller raw water pump and an automotive type circulator pump) from a raw water cooled application to a fully functional fresh water cooled full system (a full system cools the engine block and exhaust manifolds with coolant). The systems come with a heat exchanger, thermostat & housing, expansion/surge tank, gaskets, & brackets necessary to convert from raw to fresh water cooling. For general questions about fresh water cooling see our Question & Answer page. To place an order please use our secure online ordering. Also see exhaust systems and raw water pumps for this application. See Heat Exchangers if you are trying to replace an existing original Chrysler unit. 
SK 4440
SK 4440

Fresh Water (Closed) Cooling full systems will circulate anti-freeze through your exhaust manifolds as well as your engine block, protecting both from the harmful effects of raw water corrosion and potential ice damage. 

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Fresh Water Cooling Full Systems
SK 4440 1975 and up - Chrysler Big Block M383, M400, M440, models using a single impeller raw water pump and an automotive type circulator pump.

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